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About The President & CEO

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H. Raul Fernandez, President and CEO of HealthTech International, Inc. and creator of Microbiotic Complex, has always been fascinated by chemical processes.  His love of research and development of new formulas has led him to a revolutionary method of extracting organically complexed minerals from humate material.  These processes which up until now have been unrealized in the chemical community, reduce the liquid organic complex to a concentrated dry powder form while still retaining all the organic complex characteristic and benefits.  The resulting products have enhanced the concentrate, purity and safety of these essential bio-available minerals for dietary supplements. This breakthrough has created one of the significant innovations to health supplementation in the 21st century.

Raul started his career receiving a graduate degree as Analytical Chemist from the Universidad de Concepción in Concepción, Chile.  Along with additional studies, Raul has acquired over twenty years of experience in various parts of the world, working with varied instruments and analytical equipment and overseeing research and development for new technologies.  At Goldsworthy Engineering of Torrance, California, for example, as Chief Process Chemist, he managed the development of eight new resin formulas which resulted in the expanded application of new compounds in industry, aerodynamics, and satellite space technology.

Turning his interests to a different field, Raul has found great satisfaction in the nutritional industry where he has applied his expertise to the formulations of new and safer dietary supplements with great success.  He has received recognition worldwide.  Two of his dietary formulations have been approved in Europe through clinical studies conducted by the renown Dr. Giuseppe Magnati at the University of Milan, Italy with highly favorable results.  Other formulas carry a Certificate of Free Sale allowing them to be sold nationally and internationally.  More of his expertise was utilized at a Southern Utah dietary supplement formulator where he directed a large staff involved in all areas of production including formulations, granulation, blending, tableting, coating, encapsulating, bottling and packaging of over 200 supplements for world-wide distribution.

As his desire for more independence to create advanced health formulas grew, he has since established HealthTech International, Inc., advancing the research, development and application of organic mineral complexes.  Through his research, Raul has developed the ability to dry the extracted complex, while preserving all of the organic structures and characteristics intact.  This provides to the supplement industry, a product that may be added into any dry formulation, providing the integrity of the complexes which were formerly available only in dilute liquid form.  

Raul has received the praises of Dr. William R. Jackson, one of the highest authorities in humic and mineral compounds, and has created over 50 new proprietary supplements utilizing his new technologies.  The current response to his products assures that we will be benefiting from his developments for centuries to come.