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What Are Microbiotic Minerals?

A combination of organic complexes, the most powerful electrolyte on Earth, and over 70 trace minerals.                

Organic complexes such as methyls, carbonyls, carboxyls, fulvic acid, quinones, etc. are the keys to the life functions of plants and animals.  The most important property is the unique structure of organically complexed minerals and trace elements in a digestible form that can be easily assimilated and used by the body.  In comparison, inorganic minerals are very difficult to dissolve and assimilate and as a result of this, have no nutritional benefit to our body.

Microbiotic minerals are an electrolyte.  Every cell needs electrical impulses to live. Electrolytes are necessary to conduct electrical impulses, revitalizing the cell, keeping it younger, and helping the healing process.  A great source of energy to the body, electrolytes are indispensable to keep every cell functioning inside of our body.

Trace minerals.  Every living cell needs minerals to live.  All vitamins, amino acids, herbs and other nutrients need minerals to be properly assimilated by the body.  The body without minerals cannot properly assimilate vitamins.

HealthTech International, Inc. has developed a unique extraction technique to safely recover organically complexed minerals (microbiotic) from humate material.  The product extracted with this technique is totally safe, free from toxic compounds and elements, and in the exact form which would be in foods grown in 100% fertile soils.  These are minerals in their pure digestible organic form.  The quality of this extraction is simply unmatched anywhere on earth.

Why Are Minerals Necessary?

  1. Minerals act as a catalyst throughout the body for all life processes.

  2. Minerals are necessary to assimilate most vitamins and other nutrients.

  3. Minerals provide the same key functions to plants and it is plants that we depend upon as our primary source of minerals.

  4. We need a continually fresh supply of minerals to sustain life processes.

What Is The Best Form Of Minerals?

Minerals which have been chelated by combination into a natural organic compound (Microbiotic minerals) are in the most digestible form for the body.  Minerals naturally chelated into this structure are immediately accepted into the blood stream and cells.  Minerals which are synthetically chelated (coated with amino acids) or raw chemical minerals are not easily assimilated and are often of too large a size to enter into the cells.  Most minerals in this category are of simply no benefit to the body.

What Are The Benefits Of Minerals, Especially The Microbiotic Organic Mineral Complex Minerals?

  1. Strong bones and healthy teeth.

  2. Aids in the functions of the nervous system.

  3. Aids in the functions of the cardiovascular system.

  4. Maintains proper growth.

  5. Helps to maintain the proper range of blood pressure.

  6. Increases the energy levels.

  7. Promotes healthy hair, nails and skin.

  8. Prevents fatigue.

  9. Promotes and supports the immune system.

  10. Maintains skin tone.

  11. Helps prevent osteoporosis.

  12. Helps sustain memory functions.

  13. Maintains muscle reflexes and function.

  14. Helps dispose of body and cell waste.

  15. Helps maintain resistance to allergies.

  16. Important in digestive process.

  17. Aids antioxidant action.

  18. Helps body resist infections.

  19. Assists in maintaining mental balance.

  20. Maintains RNA, DNA functions in cellular duplication and replacement.

What Are The Results Of Mineral Deficiencies?

  1. Loss of hair and teeth

  2. Osteoporosis

  3. Diabetes

  4. Anemia

  5. Arthritis

  6. Skeletal defects

  7. Depression

  8. Memory loss

  9. Weakness in muscular function

  10. Loss of energy and stamina

Can You Improve On Nature's Best Mineral Preparation?

Microbiotic organic minerals are in a compound complex of very small size (under 700 molecular weight).  This particle size carries over 73 minerals and trace elements in a package nature has created to deliver these minerals and elements in a pure digestible form.  HealthTech's unique extraction provides a supplement source available nowhere else on Earth.  These are minerals reflecting nature's best, extracted from HealthTech's own source of superior complexed organic matter.  This complex, in this form, is available only from HealthTech International, Inc.



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